What is the difference between view, reach and impression on Instagram? Which of these factors is most important when analyzing a page?

This is a question that arises for all people who have recently turned a personal Instagram account into a business account. By turning your Instagram page into a business account, you will have a feature called insight where you can see reach and impression.

Stay with us until the end to check the answers to these questions.

What is the difference between reach, view and impression on Instagram?

As you can see in the image below, there are two different numbers for reach and impression on Instagram Insight. What do these two numbers mean? Let’s look at the definition of these terms.

Instagram Impressions

Instagram Impressions

What does Instagram impression number mean?

This number indicates the number of times a post was displayed. This means that if one of your posts is displayed 1000 times on the screen, you will see the number 1000 in the impression of that post. you can also buy Instagram impressions and increase the chance of going to Instagram explore.

What does Rich number on Instagram mean? The difference between impression and reach

The Rich number on Instagram indicates the number of accounts that have uniquely visited a post. Unique means that a post may have been viewed 100 times (its impressions are 100), but this has been viewed 100 times by 80 accounts. Here the Rich number is 80. That is people who visit a post multiple times increase the number of impressions and have no effect on increasing the number of riches.

What does View mean on Instagram? What is the difference between view and reach on Instagram?

You see the view for videos or IGTV. But what is the difference between view and reach on Instagram? The definition of Ritch and Impression for videos is the same as for other posts, meaning that if you have seen a video 10 times, you increase the number of recorded impressions for it by 10 and the number of Ritch by 1 (it does not matter if you watch the video, even if you skip it, these numbers are still registered). another way to increase Instagram view is to buy them from DrTelegram which has the fastest and cheapest Instagram video views

But what about the view? If you watch a video every first 3 seconds, you add a number to the view for each time. For example, you open a video 10 times and watch, close and reopen it for at least the first 3 seconds; here are 10 views for that video.

Which factor is more important on Instagram?

Which number you pay more attention to and which one is more important to you, depends on your strategy. This means that if you want to know how well you have done in attracting new people, you need to focus more on the reach of the posts, but if you want to check the popularity of the posts, the Instagram impression number may be a better factor for you.

The final word

In this article, I tried to answer the frequently asked questions about reach, impression and view. As you can see, by visiting a post on Instagram a few times, only its impression increases and only one reach is recorded for it.

Video views are such that for every time a user has seen at least 3 seconds of it, a view is recorded for the video. Finally, if you have any questions, you can share them with us in the comments section below.