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Buy Instagram Story Views

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What are Instagram story views?

Instagram Stories are short vertical photos or videos that last up to 15 seconds and disappear after 24 hours. Instead of showing up in the regular feed, they're at the top of the app for active users to tap and view. Stories have cool tools like stickers for questions and polls, making it easy for people to message you. Because they vanish after a day, Stories are used more casually and allow for experimentation. Stories look different with stickers and face filters, giving a quick and temporary way to connect, unlike the fancier feed posts.

Buy Instagram story views instant

When you choose to get social media services, like Instagram story views, from Drtelegram, you'll get quick and good-quality views. You can buy Instagram story views in the number you like,  from 100 to 50,000. We're different because we have the best prices globally, deliver fast, have real Story Viewers, offer different package sizes, and accept various payment methods. Our main goal is to help your account grow with our services.

With our Instagram Story Views, you can quickly make your presence bigger on Instagram, whether it's for a business or your profile. We're here to help your Stories do well anytime. Just tell us how many you want, and we'll start delivering them right away.

buy instagram story views instant

Why buy Instagram story views? 

Many people and businesses want an easy way to look more popular on Instagram. Buying Instagram Story Views is a quick way to get more people to see your posts and make your profile more popular. It's not just for accounts that are already popular; even new ones can benefit by getting more attention and followers. 

This is important because, on Instagram stories, the number of views is like a metric showing how many people are interested. Since you can't get likes or comments on stories, having more views helps your photos and videos look popular. Because lots of people use stories, there's a big competition to get more views, and the option to buy Instagram story views can help you stand out.

Buy Instagram story views and likes 

Buy Instagram Story Views and Likes to make your stories more visible and appealing, helping your Instagram account grow. More Story Views can make your account and posts show up better on the Explore page, reaching more Instagram followers

Instagram Story likes are important for engaging users and growing your account. When people like your Stories, it shows they enjoy your content and helps more users see it. The Instagram algorithm notices when your Stories get more likes and views, which could mean your Stories appear more often for others. Having lots of likes and views also shows social proof, making others more likely to join in and engage with your Stories.

 This ongoing interaction not only builds a strong community around your account but also brings in new followers, making a big difference in growing your Instagram presence.

How to buy Instagram story views?

At Drtelegram, we've made it super easy to get more views on your Instagram stories. Whether you're a social media influencer, a brand ambassador, or just want more people to see your stuff, here's a simple guide to buy Instagram story views:

✅ First, on the product page, “select server” you would like to buy.

✅ Then, “select package” of Instagram story views. 

“Enter ID” of your Instagram account in link section. You should make sure that your Instagram account is not private.

✅ Finally, “Confirm And Continue” and Complete your order with payment. 

Make sure to keep an eye on it: Story views typically last 24 hours, so it's crucial to have a minimum of 6 hours remaining on your story before you make an Instagram story views order.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it is completely safe and legit. we increase your story views with safe and legit ways.

Yes, to buy instagram story views your page should be public.

Typically, we'll send your Story Views pretty quickly. In very rare cases, it might take a few hours.

No, we don't need your Instagram password. keep in mind not to share your Instagram password with any person or website.

Sometimes the number of views in the Insight stats might not be completely accurate. But don't worry, you can always see how many views each Story gets. Unfortunately, we can't give refunds for stats that don't show up.

Usually, story views last for about 24 hours. Therefore, make sure your story has at least 6 hours left before you order more views.

Unfortunately, that's not an option. You can only see the list of people who viewed your Story.

Absolutely! At Drtelegram, buying Instagram story views is simple with various budget-friendly packages to enhance your Instagram strategy.

  • Don't place another order when you have an active order in progress.
  • The page should be public and remain public
  • Don't delete the story while the order is in progress


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zyon zyon | 10 March 2024

Your monthly view story has helped my page grow a lot. Thank you for your good service

Reply To: @zyon zyon
(Admin) DrTelegram Manager | 11 March 2024

I'm delighted to hear that our monthly view story service has significantly contributed to the growth of your page! We're committed to providing high-quality services that meet the needs and expectations of our clients. Thank you for choosing our service and for sharing your positive experience!

kensawerlernmi kensawerlernmi | 19 June 2022

I am really happy and satisfied

Reply To: @kensawerlernmi kensawerlernmi
(Admin) DrTelegram Manager | 06 February 2024

It's wonderful to hear that you're happy and satisfied with our service! Your satisfaction is our top priority at DrTelegram.If there's anything more we can do to enhance your experience or if you have any suggestions, please don't hesitate to share. Thank you for choosing us and for your positive feedback!

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