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Buy Real Telegram Members – Telegram Channel Subscribers


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Our added users are not fake. They are added to your channel or groups by their own awareness and they have accepted all the policies.

members services are slow due to telegram’s new restrictions


offline Members [Instant Start – Lowest price]   | 1K = 2 $ ⚡️

Private Channel Members [Offline Accounts]   | 1K = 2.5 $ 🎯

Russian Members [Instant Start- Real Accounts – with drop]   |  1K = 2.5$ ⚡️🔥🎯 – temporarily not available

USA Members [Instant Start- No Profile Pic – Low Drop]  |  1K = 2.5$ ⚡️🔥

Russian Members [High Quality – Low Drop]   |  1K = 3$ 👑 – temporarily not available

Indian Members [High Quality – Low Drop]  |  1K = 3$ 👑 – temporarily not available



Buy Real Members

Buy real Telegram Members | Real Member | Real Telegram Member | Real channel Member | buy Real channel Member

Buying Telegram Channel and Group member

became one of the most popular and effective ways to promote Telegram business.

With real Telegram members, you can instantly boost your channel,

add thousands of Telegram members, gain trust from users,

increase your sales and build a community.

Adding a big amount of members can boost the organic growth of your Telegram Channel or Group.

The more member your have, the higher chance for new organic users to join too.

Our technique provides a gradual and safe adding of members.

It takes from a few hours to a couple of days to add 1,000 Telegram members – real users.

Buy Real Telegram Members


Real Member

Real Member is randomly added from countries of Iran, India, Kora, Iraq and Russia.

Unpredictable member behaviour. It may be out of the channel or not view your posts.

There is definitely a drop in this service if a brand profile on Telegram

is having a decent number of channel members that can be considered as progression.

To increase Real Telegram Member [www.drtelegram.com] has introduced

a few affordable service plans to make the process easy for the clients.

Most of the promoters try to engage with the potential customers

and buy real telegram members is one of the best solutions.

Real Telegram Member

These users will be your channel’s members by their own decision.

There are various Android apps that have many users.

After purchasing optional members, these apps will send requests to their users’ phones,

and they will apply for membership when introducing your channel.

In order to absorb 1000 members for your channel, thousands of users should visit your advert on apps.

There are lots of these people who review your channel and after that leave it.

So you can expect a very high amount of visits, especially for your last posts.

  • Members will join your channel by their own choice.
  • Optional members usually interact with your channel more and visit it regularly.
  • Usually, the last posts of your channel would be seen more early posts.
  • The members added to your channel is both real and interested in your channel.
  • Optional member purchase is the most cost-effective way to increase the volume of the audience. But it’s worth the extra cost

Real Channel Members

Buy Real Channel Members of Telegram are real people who work in Telegram and use this social program,

so they can decide which channel to attend and use the content of the channel.
To have a high Subscriber, you have to manage the content of the channel

and use the highest quality content to keep the Subscribers in the channel.

The value of each telegram channel depends on the number of Subscribers

and the number of views of the channel’s posts, so by increasing the number

of real Subscribers and increasing the activity in the channel,

the value of your channel increases and you can receive money in front of advertising on the channel.

Mandatory Telegram member

Increasing mandatory Telegram members is a kind of adding users in channels

by using some informal telegram versions.

In this method, the user joins a channel without realizing it.

In this method decreasing will be in 10 to 70 per cent.

To avoid that channel should have interesting content and control everything.

How is mandatory member adding?

Since Telegram is developing in different countries, informal telegrams (such as Telegram Plus and Golden Telegram) and many tools for them published. These applications access to users account and force them to join channels.

  • Members join without realizing and by force
  • They decrease very fast
  • Because of the mandatory invite, users may report your channel as spam

Buy Real Channel Members

Target Telegram channel members

In this method an advertising post from your channel or your group is published in other channels, social networks, Telegram Catalogs, and users see your content and if they want they can join your channel. This method is one of the best ways for attracting an audience for channels or groups. But it’s very expensive.

  • Members join the channel voluntary
  • It’s very expensive
  • Advertising can happen in professional channels, too
  • Buying this kind of member provides a good result for the channel.

These members will never engage with your content and will be deleted

very soon by Telegram (this is against Telegram Terms of Use).

On the contrary, we provide only legit members, who can be active users in your channel or group.






Additional information


offline Members [Instant Start – Lowest price] 2$, Private Channel Members [offline Accounts] 2.5$, Russian Members [Instant Start- Real Accounts – with drop] 2.5$, Russian Members [High Quality – Low Drop] 3$, USA Members [Instant Start- No Profile Pic – Low Drop] 2.5$, Indian Members [High Quality – Low Drop] 3$

70 reviews for Buy Real Telegram Members – Telegram Channel Subscribers

  1. Raja

    awesome service. I was looking for telegram members on google. then I found this website. your telegram service is really cheap, fast and reliable. I’m going to try your Instagram followers also.

    • Appadmin

      I’m very glad to hear that. good luck

  2. Inesh

    cheapest telegram service in the whole world. I’m completely satisfied with real Russian telegram members. go ahead guys

    • Appadmin (verified owner)

      Thanks for your encouraging words

  3. rahool

    Im going to buy telegram members. and I hope it is as good as your Instagram services. thank for your great support

    • Appadmin (verified owner)

      thanks, dear Rahool. we are one of the main telegram providers. so you will get the best quality members at the lowest price.

  4. tokyo

    I mixed two kind of non-drop members and the result was great. I ordered 7k English and 3k Russian high quality members. for the next time I’m gonna add some post views to get more realistic result. thanks for your great support. keep on

    • Appadmin (verified owner)

      that’s our pleasure. contact us on Telegram or WhatsApp to add some post views for you as gift.

  5. rahool

    really satisfied with your quality services, cheap prices and great support. please add YouTube subscribers to your website.

    • Appadmin (verified owner)

      we are very glad to serve you. we had a YouTube subscribers service before but it didn’t have standard quality so we removed the service. we try to add an HQ YouTube subscribers service in the future.

  6. Rudra

    Hi, I have a question. does adding members affect on channel security?

    • Appadmin (verified owner)

      Hello dear user. based on my 5 years of experience in these services, adding members doesn’t have any bad effect on the channel’s security.

  7. Dhruv

    wow. it was really fast

    • Appadmin (verified owner)

      Hello dear customer. in DrTelegram we try to provide the best quality services

  8. Diya

    can you add members to private group?

    • Appadmin (verified owner)

      Hello dear user. yes, we can. just insert the group’s joinchat link in the link field and order.

  9. brad

    I tested your member service and it was fantastic. can you add 200k members to a channel?

    • Appadmin (verified owner)

      Hello dear friend. yes, we can add 200k members and more. please contact support.

  10. Mori

    You guys are really the best that’s why I use you from time to time

    • Appadmin (verified owner)

      Thanks for your encouraging words

  11. ray m

    I need 5k members daily. how can you help me?

    • Appadmin (verified owner)

      just contact support 🙏

  12. block chop

    Perfect. thank you for your honesty and awesome members👍🏼✅

    • Appadmin (verified owner)

      your welcome 🙏

  13. Cat cyr

    Can u add me views for free?

    • Appadmin (verified owner)

      if you order more than 5k members, contact support to add 500 views for your last 5 posts as gift.

  14. naka

    I need Indian members

    • Appadmin (verified owner)

      hello dear. check our high-quality non-drop Indian members

  15. Theo

    If all looks good will stay In business 🙏

    • Appadmin (verified owner)

      that’s our pride to work with you.

  16. Hari

    I ordered 2k for my group and received 2.5k. really cool ty

    • Appadmin (verified owner)

      your welcome

  17. nico

    is it possible to add members to my closed channel?

    • Appadmin (verified owner)

      yes. please choose private members service.

  18. Spiihrit

    Hey can you plese tell me how long my order take?

    • Appadmin (verified owner)

      hello. time is written in the service description. you can contact support for more information.

  19. ram

    ufffffffff!! what a speed!! thanks guys

    • Appadmin (verified owner)

      your welcome

  20. j omen

    wow, very high quality members! thank you

    • Appadmin (verified owner)


  21. rtaban

    great service, great support, thanks a lot

    • Appadmin (verified owner)

      your welcome dear user 🙏

  22. tyuan

    I need 10k real members

    • Appadmin (verified owner)

      please place an order. if you need support you can contact us.

  23. fra tr

    your service is really cheap and fast.

    • Appadmin (verified owner)


  24. rozy

    Great and 100% safe

    • Appadmin (verified owner)


  25. manu

    Happy new year and thanks for your very good quality services and great support.

    • Appadmin (verified owner)

      Happy new year too

  26. profi

    do you have crypto members for telegram?

  27. Baut2

    wowww. I bought 10k Indian members and get it in 10 minutes. wonderful!

    • Appadmin (verified owner)

      good luck 🙏🙏🙏

  28. Tina

    actually worked and highly recommend

    • Appadmin (verified owner)

      thanks for your nice words 🙏

  29. Vaibhav

    Best site ever…it really gives you real members

    • Appadmin (verified owner)


  30. Jo k

    The very best. I am completely blown away. The service was excellent.

  31. Samrat

    The one and only choice to buy telegram members

  32. Patel

    Bought affordable telegram members from drtelegram and I am not disappointed. Try it out!

  33. john

    Very fast, quality and affordable

  34. Manley

    I needed to get more members and now I have found it in at reasonable rates!

  35. johnsm

    Fastest, best and strong support

  36. Kelly

    Loved, loved, and loved what I got! members filled my channel. You have to try it to believe it.”

  37. farin

    Very affordable and cheap. Thanks

  38. Kevin

    please i live in cameroon and i would like to buy members of francophone africa (ivory coast, burkina, cameroon, benin…) is it possible?

    • Appadmin (verified owner)

      Hello dear friend, for groups, we can transfer members from any African group (by your choice) to your own group. for more information please contact us on telegram

  39. Freddy

    This website works like magic in delivering members

  40. Okuya bless

    I love this site

  41. Haridas

    Fast and cheap and fast response

  42. justinawilliams605

    Dr Telegram is 100% reliable.
    Super fast delivery service.
    And hes the cheapest in the world.
    In addition, his added group and channel members are solid, 0% drop so far since i bought.

  43. CoMraDe caleX (verified owner)

    Wow your shii is lit fast my God!!! Are they even real people please cuz I chose the US plan it says offline none even viewed my post smh

    • Appadmin (verified owner)

      hello dear CoMraDe
      please contact support

  44. Isaiah

    Guys give it a shot! They are totally worthwhile for delivering high quality members.

  45. Amy

    Leave the rest. Here is the best!

  46. Stephen

    are your members safe and legit?

    • Appadmin (verified owner)

      Yes, our members are completely safe and legit.

  47. hasodia

    had a great experience with drtelegram. I purchased 1000 members and get 1300 members. thanks a lot!

  48. motoedge07

    No PayPal option 😞 very bad

    • Appadmin (verified owner)

      to pay using PayPal please contact support

  49. justin


  50. tommyrson

    fast delivery service an cheap

  51. Vladimir

    очень хорошие услуги. я полностью доволен.

  52. Abhishek

    Very fast response and 24 hour support

  53. aadarsha

    it is very goog that you reactivated the indian members😍🙇

  54. Dimitri

    can I pay with PayPal?

    • Appadmin (verified owner)

      yes, you can. to pay with PayPal please contact support.

  55. alex

    I’ve been using it for a long time and it’s the best.

  56. mat

    great service, great support, I keep working with you.

  57. Amalendu

    It was very effective for my Telegram store. Thank you for your good service.

  58. Ro45

    it was very easy to order members on this platform.

  59. valga

    I always buy from you. It was always successful and I am satisfied with your service

  60. Ajay

    Didn’t get the members instantly but The customer support is so fast! Totally worth!

  61. katipit

    Reliable and excelent support 🙏🙏👌👌♥️

  62. bill

    easy payment has really left me mesmerized. Keep it up guys!

  63. Adrik

    the best platform to buy telegram members. I appreciate your support.

  64. Theodor

    When will the purchase of Indian members be activated?

    • Appadmin (verified owner)

      Very soon. we are working on the Indian member’s server.

  65. Osip

    can you add trial members for me?

    • Appadmin (verified owner)

      Hello dear user, No we don’t provide trial members, but you can buy Telegram members from 100 members.

  66. henry

    I have been using the services of this site for a long time and I am completely satisfied

  67. noyan

    Perfect quality. Thanks for your good support

  68. Advaita

    I hope other services will be activated soon. Thanks for your good site.

  69. Aarna

    I have been buying from this site for almost a year. It has the best price and the highest quality among competing sites.

  70. tesa

    the telegram members service was very good compared to other websites.

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