Did you know Telegram lets you change the phone number, with which you have registered in Telegram?

if you do not want to work with the phone number that you first registered, Or if you have bought a new SIM card and you want to have your old Telegram account on your new phone number, Do not worry about that. Telegram has solved this problem!! just follow this article.

How to change phone number in Telegram

Telegram settings enable you to change the number registered in your Telegram account.

while you change your phone number, all your previous account information such as (chats, photos, videos, files, and contacts) will be transferred to the new phone number.

Be aware that by changing the phone number, your contacts will know that you have changed your phone number and they can see your new number.

To change the phone number in Telegram, follow the steps below

  • First, go to the “Settings” section.
  • Then tap on your phone number.
  • Now on the new page, press the “Change Number” button.

telegram change phone number

then Telegram notifies you that this process will transfer all the information to the new number. Press the “Ok” button.

On the next page, enter the new phone number. After entering the new number, you must enter the activation code that was sent to you via SMS.

congratulations! you transferred your Telegram account to your new phone number.